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UJET is a company that provides customer interaction platform by helping providing customer serve and help compose retain customers, make their call centers operate more efficiently and save them money.

  • Company/Client: UJET
  • My role: Marketing Designer
  • Duration: Oct 2017-Jan 2018 / 3 month
  • Tools used: Illustrator, Sketch, Photoshop
  • Methods: branding/illustration/wire framing/Web design/marketing


I joined UJET marketing design team. I worked closely with the lead marketing designer to help maintain a list of ongoing projects, including social media graphics, bringing solutions and new ideas to the table to its branding.




With the growth of UJET, we were actively joining conferences to attract potential clients. I created layouts and graphics for marketing collateral including pitch decks, white papers, physical promotional materials etc.



Social Graphics 

I made custom illustrations to extend UJET iconography, working alongside leader designer to refresh UJET brand standards and illustration style. 

UJET_portfolio (1)-09.png

Website Homepage Redesign

We want to better present UJET, what it does, and how it can help other businesses improve their current customer service. We did market research on its competitors and gathered a mood board on future direction.  I redesigned its wireframe based on the meeting outcome. The redesign is more clear about its message. I improved the design by emphasizing on its actual product, and its benefits; moved Contact Us form on the bottom of page to allow potential clients to connect with UJET right away.

Meeting outcome

Meeting outcome



  • Redundant sub-menu with overlapping information which reduces efficiency
  • Hero image didn’t reflect UJET brand very well
  • Not enough explanation on UJET as well as the product/service
  • The content hierarchy was not shown in the most favorable way
  • Lacks brand identity that differentiate UJET from its competitors


  • Attract and engage more potential clients, better support the company brand.
  • Incorporate a better content strategy to display UJET
  • Cohesive and appealing new visual assets incorporating UJET branding standards


  • Emphasize on presenting UJET product/service by expanding the product showcase panel 
  • Highlight existing customer relationships by moving customer logos to a prominent spot
  • Add custom graphics/imagery to enhance brand identity
  • Add a panel that explains where UJET sits in the CRM
  • Add a who ‘we are panel’ to quickly send out company message
  • Add a ‘Contact Us’ form at the bottom of the page
Old homepage

Old homepage

New Wireframe

New Wireframe


Design Highlight

Highlighted existing customer relationships by moving customer logos to a prominent spot on the front page to promote credibility.


Illustration ideas for homepage

The design team is open and welcome for new ideas for our illustration and graphic styles. I created an illustration to present where UJET sits in CRM.

I first did competitors research, then searched for new inspirations, finally I created four distinct mood boards. In the end, we chose to aim for a simple, modern style for the new UJET brand. Here is my final design exploration.


Mockups for Social Banner

With my specialty in photography, I was also asked to help capture UJET culture. I was happy to contribute my photography skills to help them create a more friendly and human image for UJET brand. All photos were shot during a company happy hour.