Legion of Honor Museum - Web Redesign

Legion of Honor

Museum Redesign

The Legion of Honor displays a collection spanning more than 6,000 years of ancient and European art and houses the Achenbach Foundation for Graphic Arts. The goal of the project is to elevate visitors’ experience of Legion of Honor Museum. The approach is to deliver a more user-centered experience with a simple classic look and feel, which I believe can greatly appeal to a larger audience. Not only the Museum website is fully responsive, its mobile APP is also well-thought-out tailored especially for mobile users.


The first impression of the website is essential in terms of attracting potential visitors to continue exploring the site, thus homepage needs to excite people with visually compelling intros of the current exhibitions. I displayed a homepage gallery, which auto-changes with the background color to delight user’s experience. A simple call to action button ‘Get Tickets’ enables visitors to purchase tickets right away.

The purpose of the website is to display exhibition information and enable the online purchase. As such, it needs to have a user-friendly interaction not only in the browsing of such experiences but also in the purchase of exhibition tickets/gifts at the online store. To achieve this I decided to simplify the navigation bar into three main sections: Menu, Store, and Search. This action helps users easily navigate without overloading information. I bring different types of content in and out of focus, and they appear at different visual depths or levels throughout the site. All of this is in support of the user experience.